It was a college trip to Europe in 2008 that opened my eyes to the magic and elegance of candlelight. I was struck by the abundant presence of candles. Everywhere. Simple white candles. Transforming the atmosphere. Filling the cathedrals. Present on every table it seemed. One excerpt from Berlin in my journal read:

"(To the lovely waitress at Sangrantino WineBar) I watch, fascinated, entranced by the great care that her slender hands take in replacing the candles, extinguishing the old, and supplanting the new. -Also, by the seamlessly graceful way she switches languages between tables, like dance partners, English with me, Italian at the next table, and then to German with a family nearby.-”

Back home, yearning to recreate those feelings ignited within, I became obsessed with candlelight and the ambiance created by flickering flames. I also noticed how much unconsumed material candles generated. I then wondered about how much material must add up each year from thousands of candles - in thousands of churches - in countless cities - across the world! Much of this ends up in the landfills.  

Thus began my mission: a decade of studying waxes, wicks, and candlemaking, establishing recycling protocol, and an obsessive drive to create clean, long burning candles from the unused wax all around me. (Pinterest and DIY blogs make it sound easy!) But in truth, it's a complex dance between chemistry and alchemy. And it will always keep me coming back for more.

The Process

From churches of large and small congregations, to chain restaurant tables, much of the candle wax we recycle is actually very high in quality: beeswax, stearine, wax imported from Europe; and we recycle hundreds of pounds at a time! Each batch is different, and presents a new challenge for us to design the right 'recipe' of wax and wick.


Gathering Materials

We partner with organizations across Colorado who are committed to keeping their unused candlewax out of the landfills. 


Re-engineering the wax

The wax is cleaned, organized, melted, and filtered. Then, small batch by small batch, it becomes transformed.......

What happens to all this wax? 


Our original Build Your Own Candle workshop

Whimsical, colorful wax shapes emerge as the 'building blocks' for kids of all ages to 'assemble' their own brand new candle. 


WholeSale to Businesses

We create a variety of beautiful, long burning candles for wholesale.


Gifting & Decor

Perfect for client gifts, wedding favors, and for spreading light and love in general.

Mission & Values

Once we discovered how much waste was generated by candles, and once we realized how much joy was generated by the art of candlemaking, we knew we had to bring the experience to the community, so we created interactive art workshops as a sustainable way to repurpose and recycle the material we collect, and to educate through art.

We advocate radical gifting. Make a candle for yourself. Make one for a gift. Give one to someone who brings you light. 

We give proceeds and product to charities.

And that's how -together- we're spreading light and love to the community, and thus brightening our world. 

Photo by Chang Duong

Photo by Chang Duong

How To Get Involved


Attend A Public Workshop

Find us at our next interactive event, where you can hand-craft a wax work of art for someone who brings you light.

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Schedule a Private WOrkshop

We bring this tactile and engaging activity directly to YOU! Whether it's something unique for a large group of kids; or an enlightening experience for a women's conference, or as a platform to raise money for your cause and spread awareness. The possibilities are endless. Contact us to schedule a private workshop.


Purchase Wholesale for your business or large event

See our most popular & beautifully burning candles here, or contact us for a custom order.


Donate Your Used Wax

From churches, to restaurants, to weddings and other large events, I am happy to recycle your wax. Simply contact us to pick-up your wax or you can drop-off at any of the upcoming workshops.