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Environmental Impact

We're always inspired by creative recycling efforts. Even as society designs 'better' and 'friendlier' materials as it evolves, we still see the need to reuse what's already here, rather than just dumping carelessly into the landfills.  

As Annie Leonard stated:

There is no such thing as away. When you throw something away, it must go somewhere."

We figure all that wax might as well become beautiful new candles.

Recycling wax is beneficial  to the Environment

We know. 'Natural wax' is trending right now. Soy wax. Coconut wax. We get that it's good for the environment. (& we love an expensive boutique candle just as much as the next girl!) But we do believe that utilizing material that already exists is also doing good for the environment, and we are passionate about giving it new life. Those other waxes travel long distances -at high shipping rates- to candlemakers all over the country. Instead, we are committed to source our materials locally, reduce our carbon footprint, and minimize packaging, thus diverting thousands of pounds of waste from landfills. This is our definition of an eco-friendly candle. It's the new green candle.



The 'Spread the light candles difference'

Did you know there are dozens of different wax formulations, and hundreds of different wicks?! A decade deep into dedicated candlemaking, and we are serious about getting the 'recipe' just right. It's helpful to know about the properties of the wax we are working with. For instance, the wax of a taper candle will perform very differently than the wax used to make a little tealight. Each wick also has different characteristics. The wick designed for a taper candle would be all wrong inside a container candle.  And a large container will need a different sized wick than a small container.  

Another important step is filtering the wax to remove particles and have a clean starting point. We always use new, lead-free wicks and constantly test burn our wax and wick combinations to ensure maximum burn-ability with minimum waste. We create a featured product to showcase each batch of wax. 

Here's how our small efforts are making a big difference: 


Pounds of Wax Recycled


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